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why need diving masks

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-9-17 1:37:12

<a href='' title='scuba diving masks'>scuba diving masks</a> scuba diving masks water or seawater, chloride may stimulation of the eyes so that we need to  know how to protect your eyes with a diving mask. Although this is one of the functions diving mask, but scuba diving mask mainly function is to make us to see clearly under water. If there is no air around the eyes, the water body will be blurred.
     Eye works like a camera lenses. Light enters the eye through the cornea, the cornea is transparent semi-circular organization protects the iris and pupil. The iris is the colored tissue surrounding the pupil - the opening of the light through the iris into the eye. By shrinking or expanding the iris opening to adjust the amount of light, the same as the camera lens aperture.
    Behind the pupil of the focusing lens vitreous equivalent, from different angles of light entering the eye fundus is converged on the retina. Photoreceptors in the retina the light into nerve impulses. These pulses are then fed into the brain to interpret. We say good vision means the light can be properly focused to form a clear image.
    Because people are land animals, our eyes can only provide the best environment in the air visual sensitivity. Waves in the water and in the air, the transmission characteristics are different, so that we can see something in the water. Forming a mask around the eyes, air environment, allowing the eyes to work properly.

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