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scuba diving masks and snorkels use instructions

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1, the lens anti-fog treatment, lens wipe clean after use saliva or anti-fogging agent applied inside the lens. (Non-special goggles fogging agent, you must apply in advance, completely dry before they can be used.)

2, the left side of the scuba diving masks on the tape through the breathing tube plastic ring or quickdraw, this can be fixed to avoid snorkls head up and loosen the mouthpiece breathing tube will not slide off.

3, first wet your face, and then wear; adjust goggles and pipette position until the optimum angle. The silicone mask affixed to the face mask, nose to cover the mirrors; tighten the tape through the mask to enhance adhesiveness. Wear a mask, you can only breathe through your mouth, nose and can not breath, otherwise it will cause fogging and allow water to enter the mirrors.

4, the sea before we must first look at the pool mouth breathing habits and adapt to the use of the breathing tube
5.The new layer film mirror usually have protective effect, the presence of this layer will increase fog film may be generated, and affect the effectiveness of anti-fogging agent. Then you can use stained with toothpaste, then wipe with a soft cloth to gently clear film.

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