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how to Select a diving Mask and Snorkel

Author:Yonsub Date:2014-4-8 22:59:05

 When choosing a mask ,fit and comfort are very important .You don't want to  leak by the mask, which does not conform to your face. Therefore, you need to go to a place where you can try a mask,such like a dive shop, Look in the yellow pages of diving equipment and suppliers. You can also see the symbol on the right is a dive flag, usually significantly before the location of the dive shop
Try the mask, exit, and brush the hair the way, simply by pushing the mask to your face If you don't admit that exists, then is to make a good seal Once you determine this mask is adjusted properly, other considerations are the comfort, the field of vision - some of the masks on the sides to allow more views than others, of course, the cost In search of a snorkel, maybe a spare belt to keep his mask Snorkel Mouthpiece with elastic edge must be soft in the mouth is very comfortable
The standard tube is sufficiently complete for you to enjoy the experience of scuba diving, the technology has reached the set point device With each new standard snorkel breathing, breath in some reinhalación implies left tube Double tube system is impossible to have a separate channel for inhaling and exhaling The drain valve when the system can be used to prevent the coating of water unnecessarily The snorkel tour through Yonsub added little breath pressure balance effects of water stress in the lungs The combination of these improvements can dive to breathe more easily, which reduces the fatigue and the prolonged time of activity See more information

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