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Author:Yonsub Date:2013-11-30 17:59:56

Diving and underwater medicine Due to dive with some degree of risk in the physical, of course, with the drugs that we use every day are closely related , but I usually have to write that part of drug adverse effects of translation to you, if you are unwell, most Do not try to be brave diving is good ,
1 seasickness medicine
       This should be the most common medications divers , after all, only a very few people to motion sickness , seasickness is completely immune , but seasickness medicine affect divers and the reason is because of the drug varies . One of the common side effects of each drug seasickness is sleepy, sleepy . We recommend that before using this medication , absolutely have to first use in ordinary life too , in order to understand whether the drugs on their bodies uncomfortable side effects, this proposal applies to all drugs , never before has never been used before taking the dive drugs.
2 Antibiotics

Antibiotic treatment is mainly directed against bacterial infections of various organs of the body are used , the impact on diving safety can be said that very few, but very few of the antibiotic treatment of respiratory , nausea , abdominal shoe ( the increase was caused by dehydration and decompression probability of disease ) and other side effects .

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