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5 Ways to Protect the Reefs While Having Fun on a Dive

Author:Yonsub Date:2014-12-3 17:52:31

5 Ways to Protect the Reefs While Having Fun on a Dive
Coral reefs are an incredibly threatened ecosystem. Reefs face a myriad of threats including climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing, and pollution. Diving is not generally considered a ‘global’ threat, but scuba divers can and do have impact on the reef while diving. As the number of scuba divers grows, the threats scuba divers they pose to the coral reefs are accumulating.
1. Perfect Your Buoyancy
2. Respect Marine Life's Personal Space
 What might look like playful behavior to us could, in fact, be incredibly stressful to marine life. For example, the iconic clown fish is territorial, when one swims up to you, it is defending its anemone. Turtles need air to breath, but their response to being spooked is to dive down. If a turtle is stressed enough, it might not come back up to breath. 
3. Remember, Sand Is a Habitat Too!
Keep an eye on your body position when you’re over sandy patches – learn to maintain good trim (body position), and do your best not to fin in a bicycle fashion. 
4. Make Yourself a Marine Biologist
Marine life identification books are usually a dime a dozen in dive centers. Use them to figure out what you saw on your dive, and ask your guides to help.
5. Pick Up Trash Whenever You Can
 80% of trash in the ocean comes from land and once it’s out of sight, it is often out of mind, the worst example of this is the great pacific garbage patch

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