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diving classification

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-12-16 17:34:51

Snorkeling is relatively simple, just using mask, snorkel and flippers can float in the water,
 and then watch the underwater landscape through the mirror.
At home by simple training,  not necessarily need to obtain a certificate for snorkeling,
snorkeling activities can be carried out.

By the diving points: non-saturation diving, saturation diving;
 from the breathing gas Category: air diving, nitrogen, oxygen mixed gas (artificial air diving), helium, oxygen mixed gas (artificial air diving), hydrogen, oxygen gas mixture ( artificial air diving), other mixed gases.

Regarding the specification of diving divide into professional diving and recreational diving.

Professional divers mainly refers to underwater engineering, underwater salvage, underwater diving expeditions and other aspects need an experienced staff of professional diving.
And refers to the recreational diving underwater sightseeing and recreational activities for the purpose of diving,
which is divided into snorkeling and scuba diving.
 We usually have access to the dive tourism belongs to recreational diving, and in the seaside tourist attractions see the vast majority of recreational diving experience.

Scuba diving with compressed air bottle (not a lot of people think of is to use oxygen bottles), the use of underwater breathing  apparatus, is truly into water diving.
A full set of scuba diving equipment, including mask, snorkel, fins, breathing apparatus, diving instruments, cylinders, buoyancy compensator vests and wetsuits and other divers in the open water dives, dive will carry knives, flashlights and even underwater spear gun and other necessary auxiliary equipment.

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