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Using and maintenance of diving masks

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-10-19 18:32:44

Do not hurry to trying When gathering thenew diving masks , and not put on the headband ,directly to the mirror buckle in the face, the hair and should confirm that no other substance sandwiched between the apron and face between against your face, no leaning with both hands, bowed his head, and if mask from the face off, or stop breathing instructions mirror quality problems. Then polish with toothpaste mirror glass on both sides, and remove the glass transparent label, choose carefully before buying a qualified buyer. Wear goggles before the spray coating on the lenses inside a little water, weargoggles when the mask is not down to the hair, not down to the nose, sniffing goggles will not fall before locking headband will be adjusted to the most comfortable headband state, considered the right to wear well.
After use in fresh water soak for one hour and then washed again, do not dry it in the sun, shade dried either. Do and bathing suits with a long soak, do not have anything to avoid crushing the diving mask to the diving masks.

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