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The use of diving snorkel

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-10-23 19:52:21

The use of diving snorkel
In order to maintain diving snorkel upright while you are swimming on the surface of the face, diving snorkel strap will need, diving mask strap appropriate adjustment. Because you do not see the breathing tube diving while it is in use. it ,ay be helpful to someone looking at you ,and help you find the right adjustments. Now, you can swim along the surface, breathing through a diving snorkel and observe the world below. When you see something interesting, you can hold your breath, dive down to take s closer look, To stretch your time ,it is important to relax, rather than spending a lot of energy. It also helps to be able to get down quickly , To start up, turn your body so that you can put your head straight down and stick your legs straight out of the water. Then let gravity do its thing, you should be on your way without moving muscles .When you drop the speed has been reduced, you can start to continue playing .Return to the surface, tilt your head, watching where you are going and you don’t want to bang your head on the bottom .
You should keep enough air in your lungs, o you break the surface after your head still back this outtake ,you can send a quick burst of air through the windpipe to help expel the remaining water.


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