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The introduction of diving mask

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-10-17 11:10:41

It will be more clear when wearingdiving mask than non-goggles,
 because in diving, the water layer may cover the surface of the eye, and the refractive index of water is almost the eye's natural lens - refractive index of the lens same.
Goggles (also known as the mirror) be mainly divided into single mirror (mirror in front of the lens is a large) and double-sided mirror (left and right eyes of a lens) and three mirror three categories, one-way mirror biggest feature is its field of view broad, but unfortunately many of the current family of glasses, it may rarely have corrective lenses optional one side,
 while one-way mirror is usually bulky than the double-sided mirror. Sided mirror biggest advantage is that most of them have corrective lenses can be used with, but more lightweight, triple mirror broader vision, appearance will also more fashionable.
Whether a type of mirror that preference in the choice should consider the following factors:
First, the lens must be tempered glass by the system.
Second, the mirror of the rubber must be soft and comfortable, and fit their face.
Third, there must be directly from the mirror pinch your nose outside the "pinch nose" design
Fourth, there must be a broad perspective

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