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Author:Yonsub Date:2014-10-6 17:43:48

A swimming goggle structure includes two lens frames each having a lens fixed thereon, a nose bridge connecting between inner sides of the lens frames and a head strap connecting between outer sides of the lens frames. Each of the lens frames has a cushion pad provided on a wearer facing side thereof and the cushion pad includes a connection portion at is attached to the respective lens frames of the swimming goggle structure and a cushion body which is a hollow sealed member with air filled therein to provide compressibility and collapsibility. The cushion body has a face engaging surface which is capable to very comfortably engage with the wearer's face due to the collapsibility thereof and to very compliantly follow the wearer's face contour for an excellent water leakage proofness due to the compressibility thereof.
Swimming goggles help protect your eyes and allow you to see better underwater, advantages for both recreational and competitive swimmers. Using goggles can increase your enjoyment of the water but only if they fit correctly and are worn the right way. Incorrectly worn goggles will lead to water leakage against your eyes, potentially irritating them, and will cause vision distortion.
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