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Process of diving

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-12-14 17:57:43

Inspection equipment

It’s important process of  carefully inspect your equipment,
First, a combination of their own equipment, after careful examination of cross-diving partner peer recognition. Check each other's mutual diving equipment

Into the water

You can confirm that one should be prepared to enter the water after the equipment properly.
Wearing equipment, together with diving partner into the sea, when the water depth waist, stood still, first put on a diving mask, then put on flippers. Mutual trust in each other's shoulders while wearing flippers, you can keep the body stable. After all this work, the title of the regulator in the mouth, from the second decompression Ministry began breathing.
After the body turn, continue to rub your feet in the sea.
Take "the body turn wipe the line" approach, intended to prevent the inconvenience and webbed feet stumble.
 Should  be observed behind the waves hit, or whether the presence or absence of obstacles.


Reach to a predetermined dive sites, both sides stood face to face with each other made it clear that "together properly prepared," the "OK" gesture,
then thumbs down gestures, issued a "dive" signal the end of the natural coastal slope gradually sneaked into the sea .
First experience divers, dive depth can not be more than six meters.

Movement on water

Dive to a certain position, you can move around the heart.
 To reduce physical exertion, should be the law, a slow but significant reduction in swing flippers,
 breathing steadily while correctly adjust buoyancy to avoid collide with the seabed.
 If the body began to feel heavy, you can enter a little air conditioner in buoyancy.

After the dive began floating action, first to tell partners ready to go up gesture, confirmed after the other, the exhaust air buoyancy regulator, slowly float. You should note, one can not go up on the way to stop breathing, and the other is the floating rate must be slow, or they may change in water pressure caused by diving disorders. Surfaced immediately after buoyancy regulator filled with air to maintain buoyancy and replaced snorkel to breathe.

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