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Oxygen Poisoning In Diving

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-12-20 18:21:08

 Oxygen Poisoning In Diving
Oxygen toxicity closely related with diving equipment  with breathing gases, residence time and underwater diving depth , the impact of diving oxygen toxicity factors are as follows: 
(1) Anyone should be strictly control exposure to high partial pressure of oxygen pressure,
Be familiar with the various diving apparatus performance,
 strictly controlled dive depth and duration. 
(2) CO2 can accelerate the occurrence of oxygen toxicity and make symptoms worse. 
The most common cause is too much intensity underwater activities, enhance metabolism. 
Thus, activity intensity is too large, as appropriate, should shorten the residence time underwater, while staying in the pressure reducing station, should minimize activities, do not try to resist the effects of currents, waves and buoyancy.
 Respirators should be checked before diving performance, quality inspection CO2 absorbent. 
(3) High temperatures can reduce the body's tolerance to hyperbaric oxygen, low temperature will enhance the effect. 
But the temperature is too low, increase energy consumption, but also reduce the body's tolerance to hyperbaric oxygen. 
(4)  Mood swings, stress, lack of sleep, can reduce the body's tolerance to hyperbaric oxygen. 
Divers should maintain good mental state. 
   Diving depth and duration strictly limited underwater diving computer also makes use of deep diving, 
underwater breathing gas composition and residence time has been well controlled, 
and therefore a relatively small chance of oxygen toxicity,
 but the occurrence of the possibility of oxygen toxicity can not be ignored.

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