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How to select diving mask and snorkel

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-10-22 18:59:27

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How to select diving mask and snorkel
Comfortable and fit are important for selecting scuba diving masks, everybody won’t adiving mask that leaks constantly because it doesn’t fit your face.
To try on thediving mask ,firstly move the strap out of the way, brush your hair out of the way ,and just push the scuba diving mask firmly on your face, you also need to check if its comfort and full field of vision.
Get a diving snorkel also hold a spare strap to your diving mask, with the standard diving snorkel, each new breath involves rebreathing some of the previous breath that remains in the tube. Valve system can be used to water repellent, remove unnecessary surfing. Diving snorkel tour such a breath of back pressure on the lungs effect of water pressure to add a little balance. The combination of these optimizations can make diving  snorkel breathing more easier, reducing fatigue and extending the activity time.
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