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Diving tips

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-11-13 18:12:40

Diving tips(1)
1 Cramping :
If the psychological tension , water is too cold or stay in the water too long , are likely to suffer cramping. Before launching the preparatory activities should be sufficient time and not stay too long under water. Once cramping, do not nervous . For example, toe cramps, then immediately the legs bent and force the toes pull , pull straight ; leg cramps , first absorbing enough breath , sit in the water, hand- toe board to live and make legs stretched forward pedaling force , let contraction and relaxation of muscles stretching ; finger cramp , the hand into a fist , and then forced open, and so forth, can escape.
2 Brain swelling:
Due to long time diving, an accumulation of blood in the lower limbs , cerebral ischemia, the body's energy consumption greater physical fatigue. Shore rest immediately , body heat , and appropriately drink salt sugar, salt .
3 nausea and vomiting :
Choke nose into the dirty water will caused nausea. Sign ashore in the abdominal pressure with your fingers , Neiguan , if there is Ren Dan , also contain on one . For the prevention of colitis, but also to eat several cloves of raw garlic .
4 Itchy skin rash :
Mainly due to skin allergies .  ashore first. Serving a astemizole or chlorpheniramine , will soon improve.

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