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Diving knowledge

Author:Yonsub Date:2013-11-7 12:03:28

 Scuba diving is a non-competitive nature but also on physical demanding sport.
By diving ,you can increase lung capacity,
also enhancing the strength of the major muscle groups,
Scuba diving is one of the few suitable for men and women of all ages
In fact, diving is not a dangerous sport,
According to foreign data show that
Various sports risk coefficient rankings,
Diving ranked only 43 Position.
Participating in diving period, should pay attention to:
1 within 12 hours before air travel can not dive;
2, within 24 hours before diving should not be heavily smoking and drinking;
3 Do not eat too enough before diving, or drinking carbonated beverages;
4 You should not be in poor physical condition for diving;
5 During the diving, you should follow the guidance of coaches and arrangements
6 Training in natural waters, not in the non-designated waters for diving

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